Station Renewal Program

Station Renewal Program

We're working hard to make your commute better!

That’s why we've recently started a Station Renewal Program where various work crews we call “Renew Crews” will come to a station and work together in a coordinated, comprehensive and efficient way to make improvements.

This is a big change from the way we've been doing station repairs and cleanings—we think you’ll notice a big improvement in the way we do the work that makes your station cleaner, brighter and better overall.

We’re doing this because our customers deserve to have facilities that are visually appealing, clean, and equipped with amenities that enhance their CTA experience.

Tell us what you think! Fill out our Renew Crew survey today.This SWAT team approach to cleaning will result in more holistic changes that we believe will be noticeable and appreciated. It not only improves the look and conditions of the stations, it is a more efficient way to work.

What's involved

Depending on the needs of a station, we may power-wash walls, floors, stairs, ceilings and elevators, repaint painted surfaces, improve the lighting, remove graffiti, clean gutters and drains, replace outdated or damaged signage and much more.

This way, rather than dealing with issues on an as-needed basis, one at a time, we can pool our resources and get carpenters, electricians, plumbers, metalworkers and other trades working together to bring a whole station to a renewed state all at once.

Renew Crews will be hitting about 100 CTA rail stations on every rail line. Over the next year or so, you'll see our crews out in force -- in Chicago, Evanston, or one of our other cities or towns -- working to make your commute cleaner, safer, and more comfortable.

See photos and details of work we recently completed.


Recently Completed: Clinton (Blue Line)

Clinton, on the Milwaukee-Dearborn Subway portion of the Blue Line, is located under Congress Parkway in the Near West Side Community Area, serving the West Loop Gate and South Loop neighborhoods. The station opened in 1958 as part of westward extension of the Dearborn Subway to meet the new Congress Line expressway median rapid transit. The following work was slated:

  • Repair base of pylon on street-level railings at entrances, as needed
  • Repaint railings at street-level entrances
  • Repair light lenses on backlit signs over street-level entrances
  • Replace existing handrails with new stainless steel handrails and brackets on platform-to-mezzanine stairway and mezzanine-to-street stairways
  • Fill in metal-covered cavities in mezzanine-to-street stairways glazed block walls with new glazed block or tile
  • Paint risers in mezzanine-to-street stairways
  • Clean red concrete floor in the mezzanine
  • Clean and relamp light fixtures throughout the station
  • Repaint all existing metal garbage cans in the mezzanine
  • Replace vents on ancillary room doors in the mezzanine as needed
  • Repair and paint damaged sections of concrete floor in the mezzanine
  • Repair damaged floor drains and replace drain grates/covers as needed
  • Add murals to mezzanine walls
  • Replace scratched surveillance mirrors, as needed
  • Clean glazed block walls along sides of the escalators
  • Remove obsolete CCTV monitor over escalators on the platform
  • Clean/power wash and repaint subway platform tunnel walls
  • Install additional light fixtures on the subway platform tunnel walls
  • Install additional signage on the subway platform tunnel walls
  • Remove graffiti from walls, floors, and other surfaces, as needed
  • Remove excess or unneeded pipes inside web of platform column beams
  • Remove peeling paint from ceiling vault over platform and repaint
  • Repair electrical outlets/replace outlet covers, as needed
  • Remove yellow garbage bag ring at west end of the platform
  • Clean glazed brick walls at the east and west ends of the platform
  • Repaint platform columns as needed
  • Remove unneeded metal brackets and fixtures on platform ceiling
  • Inspect and clean or replace missing, damaged, outdated, or vandalized signage, as needed



See More Stations & Photos of Recent Improvements

Here are some stations that have been spruced up by the Renew Crew (follow links to see what was done):



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