Bus Tracker Shelter Displays

Bus Tracker Displays

An image showing where the signs are mounted on bus sheltersWe know you love CTA Bus Tracker SM and we've taken steps to make this valuable service tool readily available to thousands more people without needing a computer or mobile device.

Project Update: March 2016

Over the last year, our crews have been working hard to install an additional 66 CTA Bus Tracker displays at more than 50 rail stations.

We now have more than 400 displays installed at bus shelters and rail staions, some of which include high-traffic locations and key transfer points throughout our service region.

As a result of this recently completed work, train riders who transfer to buses as part of their commutes now have quick and easy access to estimated bus arrival times and can safely wait comfortably inside our stations for connecting buses.

The signs installed at these locations look exactly the same as the existing shelter signs to maintain a consistent look and experience for CTA Bus Tracker information.

Display locations

In general, CTA Bus Tracker displays are installed at bus shelters that serve multiple bus routes and rail stations that serve as transfer points to connecting bus routes. We have worked hard to pick locations that benefit communities across the city, assist you with your bus trip and reach as many riders as possible.


Rail Stations 

  • Red Line: 95th, 87th, 79th, 69th, Garfield, Sox-35th, North/Clybourn, Fullerton, Belmont, Addison and Lawrence
  • Blue Line: Rosemont, Cumberland, Harlem (O’Hare) Jefferson Park, Montrose, Irving Park, Belmont, Logan Square, Western (Forest Park), Kedzie-Homan, Pulaski, Cicero, Austin and Forest Park
  • Brown Line: Kimball, Western, Montrose, Irving Park, Addison, Belmont, Diversey, Fullerton and Armitage
  • Green Line: Ashland/63rd, Halsted, Cottage Grove, King, Garfield, 51st, Indiana, 35th-Bronzeville-IIT, California and Cicero
  • Orange Line: Pulaski, Kedzie, Western, 35th/Archer, Ashland and Halsted
  • Pink Line: 18th and Polk
  • Purple Line: Central, Davis, Belmont and Fullerton


Bus Shelter Sign Map

The following map shows the location of all Bus Tracker signs currently installed at bus shelters.

CTA - System Information - Map Showing Bus Stop Shelters in Digital Sign Project

Interactive map hosted courtesy City of Chicago Data Portal.


Complete list

For a complete list of shelter locations, you can also view or download a complete list of stops in this program via the City of Chicago Data Portal or directly download a list in Excel format.


An image showing what the "play audio" button looks likeAccessibility

Each bus shelter sign is equipped with a push button and speaker to announce the estimated arrival times for our riders with visual impairments. The push button is located inside the shelter, typically on the left front pole when facing the street, at a height of 42 inches above the ground.  Push the button once and a speaker inside the shelter will announce upcoming arrivals.

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