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Welcome to the CTA Employee information portal. This page contains links and general information about resources available to employees and will be updated periodically as more tools become available online.

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General information

As a CTA employee, you have a variety of ways to access information and resources about your time, pay, benefits and other employment matters, including some which you can access from home. Most items are most easily handled by your manager or by taking advantage of resources at your work location or reporting terminal or garage.

Contacting CTA Human Resources
  • By telephone:
    HR Hotline 1-312-664-7200

  • In person or by mail at:
    CTA Headquarters
    567 W Lake St
    3rd Floor
    Chicago, IL 60661


Corporate intranet (eLink)

You can access a variety of information, including benefits information, phone directories, payroll and more from within most CTA facilities by visiting the corporate intranet, known as "eLink", by pointing a Web browser to http://eLink from computers inside CTA's network.


Employee Self-Service

To view on-line your paystubs, annual tax information, update your taxpayer information and a variety of other employee self-service functions, access remotely (from home or other location outside of CTA's network) the Oracle Employee Self-Service system

Job postings

To review and apply for job openings at CTA (even as a person currently employed by the agency), visit our Careers page. Follow the instructions and you'll be on your way to finding even more career opportunities.


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