Advertising on CTA

Advertising on CTA

Looking for ways to get your message out? To advertise your service, product or business? Advertising on CTA trains, buses, and rail stations is a great way to have your message seen by millions of people every day!

With a diverse mix of media forms on both CTA bus and rail vehicles, there are numerous advertising options for any size advertiser.  Transit advertising generates repeated exposures all day, seven days a week, reaching mass audiences with broad coverage and targeted capabilities.


Available media forms


Queens, Kings, Ultra Super Kings, Full Wraps, Headliners, Headlights, Taillights, Fullbacks, Michelangelo’s, Interior Car Cards, Window Clings.


Interior Car Cards, Platform Displays, 1-Sheets, 2-Sheets, Brand Train, Triads, Station Kings, Station Queens, Urban Panels, Dioramas, Station Dominations, Farecards, Wrapped Trains, Wild Wraps, Door Wraps.

Example photos of some of the media forms listed above are shown below.


Advertising guidelines

Your brand will need to meet our advertising guidelines for acceptable brands, products and services. See CTA's advertising guidelines in this ordinance for more information:

  • Ordinance 13-063: An ordinance repealing Ordinance No. 012-30 related to advertising on the Chicago Transit Authority property, adopting a new Advertising Policy and Guidelines


Contact information

For more information please contact:

Intersection Media
30 N. La Salle Street Ste 2600
Chicago, IL 60606
(312) 629-1680

Example photos

"Brand Bus"

"Train & Bus"

"Digital Network"

"Interior Train Wrap"

"Station Domination"

"Train Wrap"

"Tunnel Wrap"

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